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  • Boosting your self-image is absolutely necessary to lose weight!

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    Self-Image is simply the realistic image you mentally see of yourself. That includes your abilities, weaknesses, limitations and whatever else you feel you are worthy and deserving of achieving and possessing.

    A low self-image is a big initial barrier to achieving any desired goal in general. Attaining permanent weight loss is no different.

    The key concept is the ‘initial’ barrier. It’s not a permanent barrier or at least it should not be allowed to become one. 

    Any effective weight loss system MUST deal directly with your self-image concepts at some point. Without that incorporation, it’s extremely difficult to permanently override pre-existing dieting habits held within the subconscious mind.

    It’s obvious from the behavioral analysis of those people who eat almost anything and still stay slim that in their minds, they have a solid and unshakable picture of themselves at their present level of thinness. 

    No matter what they eat or do, that picture remains unaltered. They are absolutely certain that they can eat whatever they want to and still remain slim. They eat without fear of gaining weight!

    If you think that it is beyond your abilities to become slim, then no matter how well you try to keep up with your diet and exercise plan, you will never be able to implant the ‘certainty’ factor into your weight loss effort. 

    And as a result, your conscious mind will never allow the absurd slim image to get to your subconscious mind. 

    MagicallySLIM teaches one incredibly powerful yet simple technique to trick your subconscious mind as far as the ‘certainty’ factor is concerned so you can get rid of the low self-image (the ‘initial’ barrier) right away and focus your attention on more important parts of your weight loss effort. 

    There are certain simple ways to attain a high self-image for your weight loss mission. MagicallySLIM includes a big psycho-somatic subsection called ‘Think Slim, Be Slim!’ which tells you exactly how to boost your self-image with minimum effort to assure your weight loss effort’s long term success.