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  • Why 98% of weight loss is temporary

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    You know the whole sequence. You go on a diet, exercise, cut down the foods that you enjoy, lose weight and then even before you’re done with celebrating your relatively slim body, it’s all back! What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you just make your weight loss stick?

    Is it because you don’t have the right genes? Or because you like eating a lot? (Who doesn’t??) Or perhaps because you eat the wrong kinds of food? May be because you don’t exercise enough? No! Stop beating yourself up.

    If you are like most individuals, you have probably failed on at least 1 weight loss effort in the past. Others might have told you that there was something wrong with you or you don’t have a strong will to sustain a weight loss effort. But what happened to you is very common and perhaps you’re not much to blame about it either except that you chose an incomplete weight loss plan to follow.

    About 98% of weight loss efforts fail completely!

    Wonder why? OK.. Tell me one thing.. Would you really be upset with a runner who didn’t win the race, if he had his hands and feet tied?

    Such a huge proportion of dieters fail in the long run because they neglect the role of mind in a dietary success. Trying to lose weight without psycho-somatic assistance is like running in the race with your hands and feet tied!

    Initially, it is the use of one’s own mind that is practically and ultimately his sole means of controlling and changing any endeavor or environment. In so being, one’s own mind becomes his most important tool and creator of dietary success or for that matter success in any endeavor.

    Aside from actual physical dysfunction, such as glandular imbalance, additional proof of the mind’s seniority in weight loss lies within the fact that if one’s mind were trained and contained the proper dieting attitudes, habits and self-image in the first place, one wouldn’t even have the weight he is now trying to lose.

    The principle behind dietary mind training is really quite simple. If your dietary ideas and thoughts change, your dietary attitudes and feelings will naturally change. If your dietary attitudes and feelings change, your dietary behavior will naturally change. If your dietary behavior changes, your control over your own dieting will naturally change, and if you improve your control over your own dieting, you will obtain dietary success with much greater ease, speed and permanency because you will be able to follow and stay on a diet.