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  • How you get fatter while your weight stays the same

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    If a friends comes to you and tells that he has lost some weight successfully, your immediate question would be “How much pounds did you lose?”

    Let me tell you that losing weight is all about losing fat not pounds so in effect, you can stay overweight even after you weigh less and even more interestingly you can get fatter while your weight stays the same!

    Once in the past, it was an implicit fact that losing fat was what you were looking for if you were trying to lose weight but now, most of the people don’t even know that muscle loss is not at all useful in their goal of losing weight. 

    In effect, muscle (and water) loss makes you fatter technically because after losing 10 or 20 pounds of lean mass while losing only 2 pounds of fat, your body fat percentage increases!

    So how to determine if you have actually lost fat? The best way is to use Body Fat Percentage but the problem with using it is that it can be measured in a lot of ways and is generally a very loose approximation of the actual value. Its accuracy decreases even more if you are shaped a little differently than the average person.

    Body Mass Index, on the other hand is a more accurate measure but virtually fails completely if your lean body composition is different from that of an average person because the BMI assumes that your muscle mass quantity and composition is similar to an average person.

    Anyway, my point is to signify that pound loss is not fat loss and in most cases when you lose 10 to 30 pounds with a fad diet, 80% of that is muscle loss and so such fad diets makes you fatter not slimmer!

  • Your weight isn’t determined by Genetics!

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    Yesterday, I read a very interesting remark by a well-known TV psychologist: 

    People spend over 30 billion dollars each year in pursuit of their dream figure, but they are wasting their money, and developing unhealthy eating patterns. Trying to change your natural weight is like trying to change your natural eye and hair color. You can’t do it because your natural weight is genetic.

    I was so surprised nearly shocked to hear such absurd statement from someone who is so knowledgeable and for whom I have such a great respect as a prominent figure in her field. 

    Let me make this statement right away and you can quote me on this anytime, anywhere.. “Your Weight Isn’t Determined By Genetics!” There’s not a single person on this planet who must live with the curse of obesity just because he inherited the wrong genes. 

    It’s true that you inherit certain body shape characteristics such as bone size, muscle fiber type, muscle length etc. but in no way are they related to your overweight-ness because the parameters of overweight-ness are different for everyone. 

    So, a particular person weighing only 120 pounds might be 20 pounds overweight while some other person’s weight might be perfectly normal with 200 pounds.

    I think this particular psychologist made her statement to make people hear what they want to hear. That is “There’s nothing that I can do about managing my weight”.

    Well.. If one is overweight and thus tense or even sad due to it but still is not willing to do something about it, then it might be helpful for him to believe that he is not responsible for making an effort to manage his weight. 

    That is, in order to get out of his tension while still remaining overweight. And I think that is one reason for which I can justify her statement. But other than that, there’s no reason to believe that overweight-ness is genetic.

    The reason due to which so many people fail to achieve their dream body is not genetics, it’s because no one teaches them the basic and advanced principles of weight management. 

    Those who temporarily reduce their weight with quick-fix diets and return to exactly the same weight each time are not victims of genes. They’re victims of wrong approach to weight control and management.

    Even your metabolism is not genetic. Don’t be amazed because your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is genetic but your ‘metabolism’ isn’t. 

    If your body naturally consumes energy at even half the rate of your friend’s body, you can still make your body burn similar number of calories as your friend’s body for the same given task while still having a BMR factor that is half of your friend’s BMR! 

    Read the bonus component ‘Speed Up Your Metabolism!’ that comes with MagicallySLIM! to learn how. What else do you want and what reason do you have now to believe that your overweight-ness is due to your genes?

    If you are willing to implement the correct lifestyle modification approach, I assure you that in a period of just 6 months, you will be no different physically, mentally or emotionally from a slim person. 

    The main reason behind the failure of most weight loss plans and programs is that they provide the weight loss solution on an ad-hoc basis. Managing weight is not similar to curing a disease. You must attain a lifestyle shift in order to remain slim forever.

    Now the big problem is to find the right tools and information to properly yet easily modify your diet, activities and most importantly, your long term behavior and lifestyle.