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  • The 2 biggest problems faced while trying to lose weight and how to solve them

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    Ask any group of overweight individuals why they failed on a previous weight loss effort and are still overweight, in one form or another, they will tell you one of the following two things:

    • They couldn’t stick to the program!
    • They did lose some weight but eventually gained it all back!

    The above two problems are the 2 biggest if not the only 2 problems faced by almost all individuals trying to lose weight and guess what.. They’re both related to mind and human behavior rather than to any diet or exercise plan.

    Having a consistent exercise routine is the best way to boost self esteem, lose weight, build muscle, and look good. I suggest supplementing with creatine to help prevent soreness and speed up recovery time.

    The root cause of these problems lies in the fact that an individual is expected to follow a weight loss system consciously for lifetime or in other words, he is expected to live his life experiencing a constant conflict between his mind and heart or more technically, his conscious and unconscious minds!

    What’s needed to solve these problems is a complete lifestyle shift attained at the level of one’s subconscious mind so he doesn’t have to consciously follow a weight loss plan for all his life.

    The subconscious level lifestyle shift solves both the above stated problems because one’s mind and heart become completely harmonious as far as the new healthy lifestyle is concerned and it no longer remains a ‘forced lifestyle’!

    MagicallySLIM’s psycho-somatic section uses the latest and most advanced yet simple mind training methods to alter the behavior of an individual’s subconscious mind, his conscious mind, his eating habits, his environment and his lifestyle in general to assure permanent weight loss.

  • The #1 Secret to keeping off weight!

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    A lot of things go up and down other than your weight. An elevator, a roller coaster, the stock market, a yo-yo! But you never worry about anything else. Well.. that’s understandable.

    You have tried everything from very common to very strange and sometimes downright crazy. Restricted foods, unbalanced diets, drugs, supplements, surgery, strenuous exercise are just a few to mention. But no matter what you do, your excess weight keeps coming back.

    Everyone knows what to do but nobody really knows! Everyone has heard how to keep weight off. “Eat sensibly and exercise“. But, few people manage to do it. 

    That’s because no matter how much advice they have heard, and no matter how motivated they are to succeed, most people still don’t know the #1 secret to keeping off weight. What is that #1 secret?

    The #1 secret to keeping off weight is maintaining an ‘Energy Balance’. Your energy balance is simply the balance between how many calories your body absorbs and burns. Absorb more calories than you burn, and you gain weight. 

    No matter what you eat or how much you eat, and no matter how active or inactive you are, your inability to properly modify your energy balance is the primary reason you can’t keep the weight off!

    And, if there is one thing that diets never tell you, it’s how to properly modify and maintain your energy balance. In my opinion, they purposefully skip over all that ‘boring energy balance stuff’. Why would they want you to know about it instead of keeping you going back to them to lose same 10, 20, 30 or more pounds over and over again.

    So, how do you go about properly modifying your energy balance? By feel? No way! If that was possible, you would never have the weight problem in the first place!

    Eating perfectly isn’t the answer either. It’s impossible for most people to eat perfectly most of the time. Even those people who manage to keep their weight off don’t always eat perfectly. But nevertheless, somehow they still manage to keep their weight off.

    Just exercising more isn’t the answer either. Think about this. The more you exercise, the hungrier you get. And the hungrier you get, the more you eat! How do you manage weight then?

    What’s actually needed in order to keep a perfect Energy Balance is to have the right information with the right tools to assist you with determining your exact calorie and exercise needs and designing your daily diet menus. Only then, will you be able to keep off weight permanently!

  • All you need to succeed is a Realistic and Optimized Weight Loss Plan

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    If you’re like most individuals, then chances are, you have not successfully achieved your weight loss goal yet and still looking for a weight loss plan that can lead you to a permanently slim body.

    Let me tell you how to choose a weight loss program that can guide you to achieve your ideal weight goal easily, safely, permanently, with minimum effort and most importantly keep the weight from coming back without any conscious effort on your part.

    First of all, the ad-hoc, temporary fad diet programs that promise ultra-fast weight loss in a very short time are flawed at the grass root level. So, it’s absurd to even expect one of such diets to work. I have written a lot about the quick fix fad diets in past and you can find several of my articles in the Weight Loss Articles section of this website.

    Next, the factor that determines a weight loss program’s success in long term is its lifestyle shift aspect. 

    Many people think that psychosomatic treatment is not mandatory in a weight loss effort. They think they will be able to forget the past diet failures and keep up with the new weight loss diet and exercise plan for the rest of their lives solely with their will power. 

    But 98% of them don’t possess such a strong will power so they fail. And quite frankly, even if one possesses the will to keep up with a new effective program initially, after a period of time, he will get tired of consciously following it.

    In short, when the weight loss and maintenance work becomes a life-long struggle, it is bound to fail in most cases. What’s needed is an effective mind training process along with the optimized and realistic diet and exercise plans that can assure the success of the plan initially PLUS a complete sub-conscious lifestyle shift. 

    Unfortunately, most weight loss plans out there lack the essential ingredients especially the psycho-somatic aspect of weight loss and that’s why they fail miserably in the long run. One weight loss plan that does address all the aspects of weight loss in an optimized manner is MagicallySLIM.

    MagicallySLIM is different from a lot of traditional weight loss plans due to the fact that it is an honest weight loss plan. 

    It acknowledges the basic flaws in human behavior and their effects on a weight loss effort and doesn’t try to push this fact under the carpet. It honestly addresses the inevitable factors and incorporates ways and methods in the plan to minimize the negative effects. 

    One big factor behind the success of MagicallySLIM is that it’s a completely realistic and optimized weight loss program. It incorporates all the physical, mental and behavioral elements of a successful weight loss effort.

    MagicallySLIM: Ultimate Weight Loss Secrets Revealed‘ provides you with the advanced cutting edge weight loss information and resources, enabling you to lose weight while eating what you want to eat, when you want and as much as you want and most importantly, automating your weight management task at a subconscious level so you don’t have to consciously worry about it.

  • Stress and Obesity go Together!

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    Stress is basically any physical, circumstantial or emotional change that you have to adjust to. Tea is a great way to alleviate stress. Some detox teas will even remove toxins from the body and help flush out unwanted bloat. This can help aid in weight loss.

    It is generally believed that stress is caused by negative events such as illness, death of a loved one or difficulties in relationships or business. But as a matter of fact, stress can be positive as well like a big promotion.

    The major sources of stress are your emotions, your thoughts, your body and your environment. It has been estimated that about 80% of all illnesses and health problems are directly or indirectly related to stress, overweight-ness being just one of them!

    In essence, stress itself is not negative but its outcomes are. If stress is not managed properly, your mind finds a way to react to stress in order to dilute its effects in a negative manner.

    Overweight-ness and obesity are related to stress in more than one ways. You must have experienced that you subconsciously tend to eat unhealthy food in unreasonable amounts when you are tense.

    Binging is perhaps the most common problem faced by individuals trying to lose weight and a binge is nothing but a simple and sudden subconscious response to stress.

    A binge typically has the following 3-step sequential pattern:

    1. The dieter has some stress, anxiety or a feeling of depression. He feels like doing something about it but doesn’t know what to do.
    2. Specific subconscious thought patterns are formed and the dieter feels a sudden and intense urge to do something immediately to make him feel better.
    3. The body responds physically to the stress by going on an unhealthy eating spree.

    One way to short-circuit a binge pattern is to get rid of all the stresses in your life but since it’s not possible to escape from all the stress sources of life, the only solution is to know ways and techniques to cope with stress so it doesn’t translate into negative results especially overweight-ness.

    With MagicallySLIM, discover two simple and wonderfully effective stress management techniques with respect to weight management that enable you to cope with stress.

    Especially one of them is so powerful that it takes just 1 minute to completely relax your mind. Also, discover The Magic Formula to cope with fear and anxiety related stress.

    MagicallySLIM’s psycho-somatic section uses the latest and most advanced yet simple mind training methods to alter the behavior of an individual’s subconscious mind, his conscious mind, his eating habits, his environment and his lifestyle in general to assure permanent weight loss.

  • The truth about quick fix weight loss

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    This evening, I was reading about Oprah Winfrey going on yet another fad diet and just then, I received this spam message in my mail “Lose 30 Pounds In 20 Days!”

    So I thought I should write some more on the quick fix weight loss diet plans and how they’re destined to fail miserably. 

    I have already written a lot on this topic and I think you should read Fad Diets don’t work because they are flawed at the grass root level! along with this article to learn exactly what’s wrong with quick fix diets.

    Back to Oprah now.. According to the Globe tabloid, Oprah Winfrey has gone back to protein shakes to get her weight down again. She lost 20 pounds in 10 days.

    There are a few points that I want to make before getting into the specific details of how she lost 20 pounds in 10 days and more importantly, even after losing 20 pounds, how she’s more fat now!

    1. Temporary weight loss will never teach Oprah how to maintain her proper weight.

    2. Protein shakes are an unhealthy way to trick yourself into eating less calories.

    3. It is unlikely that any person could lose 20 pounds of fat in 10 days. A large part of this loss is water and depleted muscle mass, not fat.

    Now let me explain with respect to Oprah Winfrey how you get more fat (and of course unhealthy) even after losing 10 to 30 pounds with a quick-fix fad diet.

    Let’s say, for the sake of illustration, that a normally active woman with a body composition similar to Oprah’s diets on 1300 calories a day and walks 10 miles, as Oprah did, according to the tabloid.

    With a total energy output of 2800 calories (ENERGY OUT), and a calorie intake of 1300 (ENERGY IN), this woman’s daily net calorie intake will be -1500 calories. In other words, she will have burnt 1500 calories more than she ate, and she will have lost 1500 calories worth of body fat in one day.

    There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. In order for Oprah to lose 20 pounds of body fat in 10 days, her net calorie intake must be -7000 calories a day, not just -1500! 

    So, to lose 20 pounds of fat in 10 days, Oprah must burn 7000 more calories than she eats each day, an almost impossible task for anyone!

    This means 80% of the 20 pounds Oprah actually lost in 10 days is NOT fat! It’s muscle and water. With less muscle mass, Oprah’s body composition has gotten worse and her body fat percentage has increased, even though she weighs less.

    And I bet most of the 20% real weight loss i.e. fat loss was due to Oprah’s 10 miles walk so what was the fad diet good for? 

    And don’t forget that she’s going to gain back all the muscle and water mass in some time (that has happened to her no less than 10 times now) through a complicated process due to which she’ll gain a couple more pounds of excess fat than she had before going on the diet!

    Read Fad Diets don’t work because they are flawed at the grass root level! to learn a little about the complicated process through which body recovers from the effects of a fad diet.

  • How Fat-free can harm your health

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    I have explained time and again that if you don’t consume fat at all, then your body thinks you’re starving. In this ‘starvation mode’ or ‘famine mode’, your body tends to store every ounce of stored fat and thus you don’t lose weight.

    But weight issues aside, if you cut back fat from your diet drastically, that can be downright unhealthy, increasing your risk of heart disease by decreasing high-density lipoproteins (HDLs, the “good” cholesterol) and boosting blood levels of triglycerides. They may also raise your risk for such conditions as gout and gallstones.

    A lot of weight loss plans tell their followers to limit their fat intake to below 5 percent per day or even to abstain from fat completely. 

    If you do that, your body will react by compensating for it and making its own fat in the form of an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase. This doesn’t only increases stored fat reserves in the body but actually can be more unhealthy than getting fat from food!

    Lack of dietary fat also prevents the absorption of the disease-fighting phytochemicals contained in fruits and vegetables.

    Fats provide energy, maintain cell membranes and blood vessels, transmit nerve impulses, and produce essential hormones. 

    Not only does your body need fat to function, it also requires a certain amount in order to absorb other nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E, and K (essential for proper eyesight, bone formation, and blood clotting). Vitamins A and E are also antioxidants and have been shown to reduce the incidence of heart disease and a variety of cancers.

    Additionally, appropriate amounts of fats are required in your daily diet in order to keep your body’s secondary system functioning properly. Fats are essentially required for your hair, your nails, your joints etc.

    But determining the proper amount of healthy fat in your daily diet is a very tricky issue. You have to be very careful with the foods that contain fat. Just consider this..

    • Eat too much fat and you will not lose weight!

    • Eat too little fat and you will not lose weight!

    • Eat the ‘BAD’ fat and you will not lose weight!

    • Don’t eat the ‘GOOD’ fat and you will not lose weight!

  • How to avoid gaining weight after you quit smoking

    By Sherali S. Bharwani

    It’s a very common observation that people gain weight after giving up smoking. Generally speaking, that happens due to 2 major reasons:

    • Your body burns about 10% more calories per day when you smoke. So when you give up smoking, you burn 10% less calories per day.

    • Food usually tastes better when you stop smoking, so you eat a little more. 

    So what do you do? Don’t quite smoking? Let me tell you why your body burns more calories when you smoke. One quick trick to keeping off the weight (and building lean muscle mass) is wearing around weighted clothes or a weighted vest. Some of these are small enough to be concealed under clothing. But every step you take with these on, you burn that much more calories. Think about it, over the long term, you will burn 1000s extra. That little bit will help you keep the weight off.

    Smoking adds significant STRESS to your system. In response, your body burns about 10% more calories per day resisting the toxic effect of smoking. A similar toxic response is seen when ingesting large amounts of caffeine, high-protein diets, and other drugs and supplements.

    Interestingly (and sadly), a recent survey showed that 40% of young women listed ‘weight control’ as primary or secondary reason for taking up smoking!

    Come on! There are hundreds of ways you can burn more calories per day apart from putting your body (and life) under stress, wasting your energy and sacrificing your health. 

    Tell me.. If I told you that you’re 20 pounds overweight and you can get rid of that excess weight by cutting off your left hand. Would you go for it? If you are shocked to hear the question, excuse me. But very frankly, in my opinion, taking up smoking to lose weight is just as absurd!

    Now let me tell you how to avoid gaining extra pounds after giving up smoking. It’s pretty simple. You just have to readjust your calorie intake to match the 10% reduction in your calorie output. 

    Additionally, as I said, food usually tastes better when you stop smoking which is a good thing NOT a bad thing. But be sure to be sensible and make intelligent food selections and satisfy your hunger with nutritional food, not empty calorie food. Otherwise, what’s the use substituting one unhealthy habit (smoking) with another (regularly eating junk food)?

    Now the big problem is to find the right tools and information to effectively yet easily modify your diet, activities and most importantly, your long term behavior and lifestyle in order to achieve your ideal weight goal.