By Sherali S. Bharwani

Ask any group of overweight individuals why they failed on a previous weight loss effort and are still overweight, in one form or another, they will tell you one of the following two things:

  • They couldn’t stick to the program!
  • They did lose some weight but eventually gained it all back!

The above two problems are the 2 biggest if not the only 2 problems faced by almost all individuals trying to lose weight and guess what.. They’re both related to mind and human behavior rather than to any diet or exercise plan.

Having a consistent exercise routine is the best way to boost self esteem, lose weight, build muscle, and look good. I suggest supplementing with creatine to help prevent soreness and speed up recovery time.

The root cause of these problems lies in the fact that an individual is expected to follow a weight loss system consciously for lifetime or in other words, he is expected to live his life experiencing a constant conflict between his mind and heart or more technically, his conscious and unconscious minds!

What’s needed to solve these problems is a complete lifestyle shift attained at the level of one’s subconscious mind so he doesn’t have to consciously follow a weight loss plan for all his life.

The subconscious level lifestyle shift solves both the above stated problems because one’s mind and heart become completely harmonious as far as the new healthy lifestyle is concerned and it no longer remains a ‘forced lifestyle’!

MagicallySLIM’s psycho-somatic section uses the latest and most advanced yet simple mind training methods to alter the behavior of an individual’s subconscious mind, his conscious mind, his eating habits, his environment and his lifestyle in general to assure permanent weight loss.